There’s a Work Boom

As businesses have opened back up, laid off workers haven’t been coming back leaving a huge labor void and unhappy customers. Young people, primarily, have chosen to not to come back to these jobs, or have come back long enough to know they wanted to quit.  They want more from a job—careers and productive lives. 

There’s work for you in retirement.  Extra cash.  Fulfillment. 

There are employment opportunities for young and old in the wake of the COVID shutdown and reopen.  Granted, most of these jobs are in the service industry—fast food, restaurants, office cleaning, driving, dry cleaners, car washes, convenience stores, box stores like Costco and Sam’s Club, insurance and doctors’ offices, the medical industry (especially if you have a strong medical background), machine shops, electrical and plumbing, carpentry and cabinet making, day care (if you like kids), airline and rail industries, skilled trades, and more. 

Southwest Airlines, as one good example, likes hiring boomers as flight attendants, gate agents, and reservations people because we show up, are on time, and are committed to duty.  What’s more, there are airline travel benefits and you get to become a part of a great team of airline professionals who become family.   

Mom and Pop businesses large and small are among the best to work for along with smaller companies.  You can also start your own business doing what makes you happy along with providing a valuable service. Main thing is to work at something you love, not something you have to do.  You’ve done the daily grind—and now, it is time to do what you love. 

If you love animals, there are kennels, pounds, groomers, and pet sitting.  This is s big, recession proof business.  It may slow in tough economic times, but it never stops. The same can be said for healthcare, which is a growing industry as boomers and GEN Xers grow older and require maintenance. 

If you love working with people – healthcare, age-in-place, and nursing care facilities can use your heart and your talents.  They need boomers with good bedside manner who are people oriented.  Few things are more grand than chatting with the elderly.  Along with their great company you get wisdom you can use to enrich your life.

Because I have contact with a lot of businesses, I’ve found the need for good reliable people who will show up is epidemic.  Companies large and small are having to turn business away because they lack the labor they need from people who will show up on time who won’t quit a week later. If you have a career specialty, a special talent, there’s work for you all over the place. 

Machine shops and automotive repair facilities are hurting for good talent and they don’t care how old you are as long as you can fix cars.  Plumbers, electricians, carpenters, heating and air, siding and flooring companies, painters, and the like need qualified people they can train or put right in the saddle.

Baby Boomers are an experienced commodity with solid work ethic who will show up on time ready for work.  This means you at retirement age have value to commerce and volunteer organizations.  There’s also a lot to be said for volunteer work if you’re flush with retirement income and are seeking purpose.  Purpose is a good way to feel good about yourself. 

Veterans, now more than ever, need your help, experience, support and understanding.  The Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts have taken a lot out of our young and middle aged military professionals alike.  They’ve come home badly injured and traumatized.  They could use a friend and mentor, especially if you’ve walked in their shoes and are a veteran yourself.  There are other forms of volunteer work out there.  The homeless and the hungry could use your compassion.  So could the disabled and the elderly.  

What you need most as a retiree is purpose regardless of what occupation or pastime you choose.  Just make sure it is something you are supercharged and excited to do.  You’ve got to be enthusiastic about what you do or why do it?  Choose wisely and try different occupations on for size.  If you land something you’re not particularly satisfied with, give adequate notice and move on to something more fulfilling. 

Purpose is also about longevity.  Having purpose is also conducive to living longer.  Sitting in front a TV or a PC won’t help you live longer.  You will die in your easy chair.  Helping others and providing a service fuels your mind, body, and soul. 

Think it over and check it out.         

4 thoughts on “There’s a Work Boom”

  1. There are so many service gigs out there you’d only need decide what it is you can stand or want to do. There was one waitress in ihop last week when I picked up an order for a house bound neighbor. Not a glam job. My real question is, and this might need to be a post, is what the hell is everybody who quit doing for a living? The gravy train unemployment is over. Bernie has a snowball’s chance in hell of getting 3 trillion to put everybody on his payroll, and besides, 90% of that work will be done by illegals because Americans have forgotten how to work. It’s a crazy cycle.


    1. So very true… It is all in what a retired person wants to do with their time. Waiting tables…you gotta love people. AND….be able to stand and walk and think with intensity for 4 hours or 8 hours a day. You got me on the “everyone who quit” question. I talk with dozens of people in business and no one gets it. I suspect those who still live at home with Mom and Pop have the luxury of doing nothing. Unemployment surely has to have run out – right?

      Agree on Bernie….

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      1. Service industry is all I can figure. Grocery stores, long a bastion of “We’ll call you” ae now begging for help and offer signing bonuses. Apologies. Wasn’t trying to get into any sort of political war/discussion, just tossed that out as a possible motivation. Unless the slacker generation is tired of the service sector and thinks money will fall from the sky. Or as you say, can couch surf until they’re parents are tired of them.


  2. No apologies necessary. Honest. Didn’t see it as political. I agree with you. Millennials want six digits to start and it has never worked that way. One has to prove themselves over time. I know a number of parents with grown kids who will not launch. Epidemic. Not sure why – with all us boomers retiring, opportunities are plentiful.


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