Our Nation in A Free Fall

It is hard to watch the news and not feel afraid these days.  Division.  Political unrest.  COVID 19.  Anger run amok.  The inability to get along.  Civility lost. 

Our United States of America.

We should be ashamed of ourselves.  In the wake of the 2021 holidays, it is challenging to look back and feel good about the past two years. This is not the America in which boomers were raised. 

We’ve long been a nation of people who haven’t always agreed—which is what has made America thrive and grow.  The freedom to disagree and be okay is what we’ve always been about.  Agreeing to disagree with civility. However, we are so divided we’ve tossed anything resembling grace aside.  We’ve lost our ability to be respectful with one another. Seems we’re hell bent to be right—and at all costs.

I think of Washington, D.C. when I make these observations.  Our nation’s leaders have tossed civility aside for sensationalism—appalling comments that get them plenty of media attention.  These elected officials make unspeakable statements just to keep themselves in the spot light.  However, this sends a bad message to the nation and to the world.   

The world is shaking its head.

Think of the example government (grown adults who should know better) is setting for young people.  Young people hear these comments from Capitol Hill and perceive it is okay to be uncivil.  And we have the audacity to complain about young people?  They’ve learned this behavior from unhinged politicians with microphones.          

With all the attention being paid to foreign terror threats, we’re only now beginning to focus real attention something worse—domestic terrorism. It even exists within our military, which is enlisted to protect our nation—not do it harm.

Words that incite can do all kinds of damage.  

The decline of democracy is becoming a more serious matter for free Americans.  Democracy is in great danger and there’s doesn’t seem to be much interest in saving it.  People go about their daily lives giving it little thought. 

Apathy is a dangerous thing.

When I consider the millions of lives laid down in the defense of freedom and democracy in 240 years, it is troubling to me just how careless we’ve become with such a precious commodity.  Freedom has never been free.  People have died defending it so others to follow could breathe free for generations.   

The events of January 6th were shocking—just not shocking enough to enough of us.  Not enough was done to defend and protect our highest level of government.  The last time the United States Capitol was attacked was the War of 1812 when it was bombed by the British.  We sent the Brit’s a powerful message of defiance. 

Where is that message to those who would overthrow us today?

Like many of you, I am very concerned over what’s happening in this country.  Doesn’t matter what side of the aisle you are on.  I’ve never seen a greater divide between the two parties.  I recall a different day when our nation came first.  President Ronald Reagan and House Speaker Tip O’Neill had their differences as did Speaker Newt Gingrich and President Bill Clinton.  They rarely agreed.  However, they understood “compromise” and worked together to put the nation and its people ahead of all else. 

They got it done.

Badly divided, we are getting nowhere.  The two parties continue to impede each other just to be right and to satisfy their personal agendas—not to make our nation a better place.  Washington has been stuck in neutral for decades because it has become party and self first and to hell with the nation.

The message to Americans is – “Let them eat cake…” 

When are we going to become united and work together to defend democracy?

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