What Are You Going to Do with Your Time Here?

Isn’t the passage of time remarkable? Fluid… Never stops… Moves forward – never backward. At the cusp of a New Year – 2023 – do you ever think back to “Y2K” and all the concern over the new millennium? Computers would crap out. The lights would go out? At the stroke of Midnight in 2000, nothing happened.

Darnedest thing isn’t it?

I am a nonstop thinker. I lie in bed at night and think about our journey here – fleeting though it may be. We’re dancing on this apple just so long – then, we pass. Where we go I do not know. Where we come from….I don’t have an answer for that either.

We all have our religious beliefs. I have mine. I believe in God – our creator. Beyond belief in a divine creator, I don’t know. Who put us here? Beats me buddy… I will respect anyone’s religious beliefs. Anyone’s… I will never tell anyone what to believe nor would I ever force my beliefs on anyone. It’s personal… When it comes to our purpose here – I keep an open mind. If someone tried to explain why we are here – we wouldn’t possess the knowledge to understand.

We’re not that smart.

With each of my blessings – and I have many – I say…”Thank You, Father….” “Thank You for what I’ve been handed in life…”

And thank God for the people I have known and befriended.

I know my value as a human being. I know my worth. No one in this world is going to make me feel bad about myself. I have a conscience and a strong sense of right and wrong to do that for me. That said – look to your own conscience for guidance.

When I do wrong – and I have from time to time – I understand that what I’ve done wrong IS wrong. Sometimes – we get caught up in what we want that we forget to think of someone else. As long as that isn’t a matter of practice on a regular basis – you get to learn from it and hopefully never do it again.

I want to thank each of you for being an integral part of my Life experience – for sharing your thoughts both good and bad – for touching my Life in your own unique way.

And – thank God for the love of my family and for sticking by me when I have been impossible to live with.

We’re not always going to agree on the issues – and there are a lot of issues to discuss. It is the art of disagreement and being okay with that that is our challenge. We’ve forgotten how to disagree and respect another’s opinion with dignity.

We’ve become mean…mean in our minds and hearts.

It is time to pause and reflect on why we are here. We are here to serve one another – to give and graciously accept. It is a learning curve we hopefully gain over a lifetime. Our time here is short. Short when you consider Mother Earth is 6 billion years old and been through a lot long before we arrived.

I wish each of you inner peace and a good life as the year unfolds. And when things get rough remember – you are always being tested. Fight the good fight and don’t waste energy on the things that have little meaning and no one will remember a century from now.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Take a good look at this “Earth Rise” image taken nearly six decades ago. That is us in 1968. Think of the lives that have come and gone since. Remarkable isn’t it?


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